Esher Tyre and Exhaust Closed Down

For the third time in as many years, we at Hampton Motors say must say farewell to another local car garage in Hampton, this time it’s Esher Tyre and Exhaust. 

While we didn’t personally know the owners, the garage located on Hampton Court Way was difficult to miss.

For the past few months, I was curious to know if it had closed for good, and according to Google, it does seem to be the case.

Esher Tyre and Exhaust Bites The Dust

Further research suggests that the former site of Esher Tyre and Exhaust is being replaced by, you guessed it, housing.

According to the Thames Ditton & Weston Green Association website, a planning application was submitted to replace Esher Tyre and Exhaust with housing back in 2015, so it must be assumed that permission was granted.

Although the link to the planning document isn’t currently active, the forum user suggests that the 1950’s theme from the neighbouring buildings is to be incorporated into the housing development.

Farewell Esher Tyre and Exhaust

For any customers of Esher Tyre and Exhaust, we welcome you to our garage in Hampton and are happy to continue the service of your old garage whether you live in  Esher, Thames Ditton, Surbiton, Mosley or indeed Hampton.

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