Tow Bar Fitting in Hampton, Middlesex

Whether you’re buying a new car or have decided to retrofit a tow bar to an existing vehicle, we can help. Finding a garage to fit a tow Bar Fitting in Hampton, Middlesex can be tough. After all, such a simple yet fundamental piece of equipment is vital to ensure the safety of your load, occupants and of course other road users.

Fitting a tow bar is something that is best left to the professionals. Simply buying a tow bar online can lead to potentially dangerous problems. Like any of the parts we supply, we carefully work with manufacturers to ensure each part is correctly suited for the applications.

Tow Bars Fitted in Hampton For Any Car

In the case of tow bars, we will ensure that the weight of your car, the item to be towed and of course the purpose is considered before selecting a suitable tow bar. We pride ourselves on our reputation, service and fair pricing, and all of these values are reflected in our tow bar fitting services.

While all tow bars seem the same there are several features which may in increase the part price, but may lead to a more useful piece of it for your vehicle. We will ensure that we discuss each option with you before quoting and carrying our the fitment of tow bar to your car.

Some of the most obvious differences between tow bars include the type of socket and electrical connection plug.

Typical Types of Tow Bars

There are two main types of tow bars available for fitting in Hampton, Middlesex.

Flange Neck Tow Bar

The most common flange neck design is probably the most versatile and readily available design available. The removable tow bar is bolted to a flange which allows for mounting accessories such as bike carriers or bumper protectors to be fitted between the tow bar and ball itself. They are generally cheaper and also come in a detachable option.

Swan Neck Tow Bar

The more compact of the two, swan neck tow bars are less bulky and more closely fitting design. Although again suitable for most modern cars, they don’t support the use of a bumper car and certain bike carriers, although they are more modern in design.

Tow Bar Electrical Connection Plugs

7 Pin Adapter (12N)

Standard tow bars usually come with single 7 pin (or 12N) electrical adapter. These are suitable for towing a caravan, trailer or mounted cycle carrier. One thing to mention is that 7 pin sockets aren’t suitable for using interior functions on caravans. In this case, you’ll need a 13 pin adapter – see below.

Twin 7 Pin Electrics 12(S) 

Caravans built before 2008 were supplied with two 7 pin adapters to allow for interior functions such as a fridge or lighting to be connected to the power on your car. In this case, two 7 pin adapters are visible near the tow bar socket.

13 Pin Adapter

After 2008 13 pin adapters were introduced which are the same physical size of a single 7 pin adapter, but 13 slimline pins allow for the full range of interior functions, without the need for a double adapter setup

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For free advice and fitting, get in touch with your requirements. We only fit premium tow bars in Hampton to maintain our standards and guarantee your safety. Whatever your vehicle or requirements, get in touch with for professional tow bar fitting in Hampton, Middlesex with Hampton Motors.

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