Car Diagnostics in Hampton

Professional Car Diagnostic Testing

Whether your car is new, a classic or somewhere in between, we can help diagnose any faults that occur.

We pride ourselves on the having both technical ability and industry experience. This allows us to quickly diagnose mechanical and electrical problems.

This includes petrol and diesel engines and everything. From an engine light to an electrical misfire.

Modern cars are undoubtedly more efficient with greater functionality than ever before. However, increased technologies mean that garages rely more than ever on diagnostic equipment.

We offer professional car diagnostics in Hampton using a combination of computer scanners and years of fault finding experience.

Main dealers sometimes lack the fault-finding skills

Time and time again we are referred customers who have been let down by main dealers who sometimes lack the fault finding skills required.

As a result, the standard approach of plugging in a diagnostics scanner to check for fault codes isn’t always reliable. Often fault codes are erratic, or can lead to a misdiagnosis.

Our approach to diagnosing car faults or engine warning lights

We combine the latest car diagnostics equipment with manufacturer data and our many years’ experience. This allows us to accurately diagnose faults – quickly and efficiently.

Do not hesitate to call us for friendly advice if you need help diagnosing a fault with your car.