What’s happening at Hampton Motors in 2019

As we begin to remember the new date and settle into the first quarter of 2019, I wanted to share our thanks to customers over the festive period. It really is a pleasure that we have so many thoughtful customers who we think of as friends. The number of biscuits, chocolates and other treats that we accumulated over the festive period are testaments to the lovely Hampton community.

These sweet treats were very much appreciated as we’ve spent many evenings and weekends in January swapping our tools for paint brushes. We might be ahead of spring, but our cleaning and maintenance tasks were long overdue, and I am pleased to report that we’ve been on a mission to ensure our premises match our commitment to the best in customer service.

Changes at Hampton Motors

Our Improved Reception Area

Many of our customers drop of their cars, which means our reception was always unused and unloved. So over the new year we completely renovated the space, emptying the clutter providing a comfortable seating area with Eames style chairs and a rather special coffee table in the works.

Our Refreshed Workshop

We’ve also invested in a brighter, cleaner workshop which makes maintaining your cars more comfortable for our team. This includes epoxy grey painted floors to make spills easier and safer to deal with, and brighter more energy efficient LED lighting. We’ve also had a major clear our, recycling used car parts and donating used tools wherever possible.

Our Refreshed Brand Identity

Working with a local designer, we’ve rebranded our logo and improved our signage to represent our heritage and the future of Hampton Motors. The Hampton Motors blue remains, with subtle changes to our fonts to reflect our place as a local business. 

Rebranded Hampton Motors logo

We’ve also begun to update our website and signage to make contacting us easier for new and existing customers. We’re a proud independent garage and we think the new design helps demonstrate that. We’ve added an online booking tool to our website, and are begging to publish blogs with tips to keep your car running properly throughout the seasons.

We’re focused on serving Hampton’s motorists

Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer service and a fair price, and we think we’re doing a pretty good job. As a small business, reviews and word of mouth are what helps us reach new customers, especially with the closure of Tudor Road and Aldersons’ garage.

So if you are happy with your experience at Hampton Motors, please leave us a Google review. If you aren’t completely satisfied, please get in touch and we will do everything in our power to rectify the situation.

Tim, Lewis and the team at Hampton Motors

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