Success for a car repair garage in Hampton

I’ve been involved with Hampton Motors for a good few years now, but over the last eighteen months some of you have been seeing me more often. I wanted to share my thoughts on why Hampton Motors has such an exceptional reputation as a car repair garage in Hampton and the surrounding areas.

As an ex-motorsport technical my work has taken me to a real spectrum of working environments, From the small, cluttered but highly skilled workshops, to clinical style environments with daily tours from tourists.

The rise and fall of the car repair in garage in Hampton

The modest yet characterful premises of Hamton Motors are nestled away, well beyond even the side roads of Hampton. Many residents are unaware of the presence, despite providing car repairs, MOT tests and a full range of car services since 1971, under the previous management.

Garages such as Hampton Motors, nestled in amongst houses have always been style pillars of the community since the post 1960’s boom of car ownership has slowly diminished, particularly with the value of London property leading to the closure of many garages every year.

In the last two years, we have seen Tudor Road Garage, Aldersons Garage and slightly further field Esher Tyre and Exhausts all demolished to make way for luxury homes.

So as an indecent garage, reputation matters. Every week we meet new customers who “didn’t know we were here” yet after asking for locals, the Hampton Motors reputation speaks for itself. This reputation is built on several factors, including providing a professional, friendly and most of all honest service. 

The types of cars we repair at Hampton Motors

While we specialise in VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) cars, in any given week you’ll likely find three year old BMWs, eight year old Golfs plus the occasional classic in parked outside our car repair garage in Hampton. The ability to work across different brands not only keeps our skills in check, but it also gives our customers the ability to keep their car in 100% order.

Support From Local and National Specialists

In addition to the core team of Tim, Lewis any myself, we also have Dean and Martin focusing on restorations. While diagnostic and hybrid specialist Dan, Mercedes specialist Paul also key contacts should we need to discuss a particular problem.

This ability to reach out to contacts and diagnose the most challenging of problems is why we often have cars recovered to us to provide expert but cost effective repairs. I think most of all Hampton Motors is focused on providing the local service you might find at a local newsagent or butcher. We value our customers and plan to be here for a long-time, and that’s how we treat every job, on every car.



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