Classic Car Servicing and Restoration in Hampton

Are you looking for a garage to service, repair or restore your classic car near Hampton, Middlesex? Our regular customers often note the vintage cars in our workshop as we balance the skills required to maintain older and more modern vehicles.

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Professional Classic Car Servicing and Restoration in Hampton

Whereas modern cars are heavily reliant on electronics and computers, we are proud to have a time-served team who understand the nuances of classic cars from previous decades.

With extensive experience of British sports cars and icons like the Mini all the way through to Rolls Royce, we have the skillset to ensure your classic runs and looks as it left the factory.

Classic Car Servicing and Engine Tune-up

The sound of a classic engine is unmistakable. Whether the howl of a sports 6 cylinder or the familiar sound of a pushrod engine, each carburettor relies on the expertise of a time-served mechanic and the correct equipment for optimum power and efficiency. Timely classic car maintenance is essential to keep your car running at peak efficiency.

We can provide a full range of classic car servicing in Hampton. From an annual service and engine tune-up to a major mechanical overhaul, our team will ensure your car continues to perform as it should.

Paint, Bodywork Repair and Restoration

Older cars that are driven will almost certainly have bodywork repairs as the inevitable rust begins its natural process. Often repaired panels are not as good as the originals, particularly if correct rustproofing techniques haven’t been employed, for example on cavities or seams. Our team has the experience to source the correct quality panels and craft bespoke panels where necessary to maintain quality.

We provide a full range of paint and bodywork facilities from our body shop facility. Our team have over 60 years of experience and will tailor repairs to your requirements. Our flexible approach means we select the best methods and people for the particular application.

Many classic cars look great from a distance, but details in the preparation, paint finish or brightwork detract from the overall quality and so value of the vehicle. Restoration of classic cars can take significant resources. We therefore only take on a small number of complete classic car restoration in Hampton at any one time. 

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Interior Cleansing, Repair and Reupholstery

After the mechanical and bodywork requirements of a classic car have been carefully considered, the interior is often overlooked. Professional repairs to the driver’s seat or controls or professional detailing can often maximise enjoyment as well as resale value.

Whether a full leather retrim, colour correction, or hidden audio upgrades, we can provide a solution that maintains the integrity and patina of your classic.

Classic Car Detailing and Valeting

We have contacts across the motor trade and regularly employe specialists where we believe they are more suited to the application. For car detailing, we have work with a local provider who we trust to maintain our standards of finish and service. To discuss a professional valet or detail of your classic car, please email us with your car and requirements for a quotation. 

Classic Car Services and Restoration by Hampton Motors

Whatever your classic, we have the skills, experience and passion to keep it running at its best for years to come. We always have one or two cars in the workshop, so please call to discuss your requirements or drop by to see the quality of our work. Classic cars are a passion for the team and we continue to use our skills to service, repair or maintain classics around Hampton, Middlesex.

We provide classic car restoration, servicing and repairs at a competitive price and the highest standard. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today on 0208 941 1200.

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