Car Batteries fitted by Hampton Motors

car battery fitted and tested in hampton

As premium branded batteries can last well over five years, batteries are often overlooked until it’s too late. Many of us have been stranded because batteries have become less sensitive to weather conditions and require less maintenance. However, even though battery technology has increased with the use of new materials, eventually every battery will require … Read more

Free car battery check

car battery fitted and tested in hampton

The battery fitted to your car is designed to store electricity when your engine is off. In addition, it provides the massive power required to start your engine from cold. The amps required can be anywhere from 300-1000 amps. Batteries can last up to five years, depending on climate,  battery type, and driving conditions. The AA reports batteries as one of the most common causes of breakdowns. How do I know when my battery needs replacing? Sometimes your engine might not make the usual sound when your engine ‘turns over’. It might sound slower than it usually does, which can indicate that it’s struggling and beginning to fail. However, more … Read more

Tips for Servicing and Maintaining Your Car

Owning a car is very much a relationship in itself. Whether you get your license at 17, or later on in life, the freedom and ability to drive anywhere at any time makes the world a much smaller place. But unless you’re lucky enough to have a new car, you will need to take an annual … Read more