Car Servicing in Hampton

Our excellent reputation for car servicing in Hampton is the reason why so many of our customers recommend us to service their car. Be it an everyday hatchback, or something more specialist, we treat every car and customer with absolute professionalism and integrity.

Cheap Oil and Filter Changes

We do not offer and filter change, simply because we consider it our duty of care, as professional mechanics to inspect every car that comes into our workshops. Some garages offer these so-called oil services but we believe that the safety of your occupants and our reputation outweigh the need to provide cheap oil and filter changes, especially when an interim servicing in Hampton starts at £98 inclusive.

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Professional car servicing in Hampton by Hampton Motors

Interim and Full Car Servicing

We therefore offer two service types interim, and full (or major). Most manufacturers recommend alternating between an interim and full service at each garage visit. 

The cheaper interim service still maintains our commitment to delivering outstanding service. It helps keep your car roadworthy running well with an oil and oil filter but with a full written inspection, sometimes neglected by other garages.

Major services typically include replacement of the oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs (petrol engine), fuel filter (diesel engine).

Both services include a comprehensive vehicle inspection. For example, the lights, instruments, bodywork, locks, drive belts and brakes are checked. Plus the steering, suspension, gearbox fluid level, drive-shafts, and exhaust system

Afterward, we test drive your vehicle, produce a diagnostics report, reset the service light and stamp your service book. See our FAQ for more.

Our car servicing in Hampton starts at £98 for an interim service, with full services starting at £198 up to 2.0i)

Both include OEM quality parts, labour and VAT.

Fixed Price Servicing Hampton

We offer fixed price servicing in Hampton but we quote each vehicle on an individual basis. We don’t advertise a flat fee for every car for the simple reason that parts pricing can vary massively between manufacturers. As you can imagine, an air filter for a Mercedes can easily be double the price of a Ford Fiesta. 

If you are looking for a garage for car servicing in Hampton please get in touch for a competitive, but perhaps more importantly professional service from a local garage that places its reputation above everything else.

Feel free to research our reviews online, or ask your neighbour – we are very proud of our reputation. Call us on 0208 941 1200 or email to get a quote for car servicing in Hampton.

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