Car Batteries fitted by Hampton Motors

As premium branded batteries can last well over five years, batteries are often overlooked until it’s too late. Many of us have been stranded because batteries have become less sensitive to weather conditions and require less maintenance.

However, even though battery technology has increased with the use of new materials, eventually every battery will require replacement. At Hampton Motors, we test every batter with the latest in test technology to ensure you aren’t stranded at the side of the road

Car Battery Replacement in Hampton 

We can supply competitively-priced car batteries from our premises in Hampton, Middlesex. In recent years cheaper brands such as Lion have become available, but wherever possible prefer fitting premium brands such as Exide or Bosh which give many years of service.

Professional Car Garage Services: Car Battery Fitting in Hampton 

Often batteries will fail at the worse possible moment, but it’s not always the battery that may be at fault. If there is a fault in the charging system, the alternator may not be producing a charge for the battery to store. Often batteries are replaced when they are in good health, only for the customer to be stranded shortly after, because the charging system has not been properly diagnosed. If you are concerned that your battery or charging system is at fault, get in touch for a free battery health check.

Full Battery Diagnostics Check-in Hampton

We have invested in the latest battery testing technology which allows us to accurately test batteries during our inspection service on your car. Our battery tester machine analyses alternator charging output, battery charge status and battery health condition. We will provide a print out for your service records that show the percentage and overall health of your battery.

When should your car battery be replaced?

Good quality batteries generally last around fur years before they show signs of ageing. This is sometimes noticeable when starting the car. It might take a split second longer to fire up or start, or it might seem slightly more difficult. This especially true on cold, winter mornings.

We offer a free car battery car check-in Hampton, Middlesex – Book online here.

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